Central Indiana First Steps evaluates children from birth to three years of age.


"I moved from another state [and] didn't know where to turn, but First Steps is a big step"          

                 - SW (parent)





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Children from birth to three years of age are eligible for First Steps services if they:

- Are developmentally delayed 25% in one area of development or 20% in two or more areas of development (cognitive, physical, communication, social/emotional & adaptive).

- Have a high probability of delay based on:
        Chromosomal abnormalities
        Neurological disorders
        Congenital malformations
        Sensory impairments, including vision and hearing
        Severe toxic exposures, including prenatal
        Low birth weight <1500 grams
        Neurological abnormalities in the newborn period

Any family can participate in First Steps regardless of income level. Evaluations to determine eligibility are provided with no fees assessed. Ongoing therapy may require a co-payment depending on a families income.






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