ProKids, Inc. is the fiscal agent for Central Indiana First Steps


"It is our privilege to work in support of the First Steps program alongside thousands of trained early interventionists, volunteers, and stakeholders." 

                - T.H. Executive Director





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In May of 2002, Marion County First Steps amended its Articles of Incorporation, changing its name to ProKids, Inc. and expanding its mission beyond First Steps. ProKids, Inc., a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation, functions independently of the Central Indiana First Steps Council. ProKids, Inc. is currently the fiscal agent for Cluster G LPCC and SPOE and the employer of the Central Indiana First Steps LPCC, SPOE, and ED Team staff.

Mission Statement
ProKids exists to promote the health and development of young children through: 1) access to available programs and 2) education of family members and those who provide services to families and children.

The goals of ProKids are to establish priorities for and oversee the appropriation and use of relevant private, state and federal funds for building and supporting a comprehensive system, child/family advocacy, and child-centered services in Indiana.







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